News - 24,Aug,2015

Taking to the States

Let me start with the trip to the States. It was a whirlwind expedition and an absolute adventure. One of the most rewarding moments we had was a chance encounter had with our first ever client and great mate from the Netherlands, Simon Wijers. On the streets of New York no less! Bumping into anyone you know in New York is rare enough, but to bump into Simon was fortuitous to say the least, and dangerous to be closer to the truth. Cue a stop at the nearest bar. Result…

The American market is incredible, and we hope to extend the distribution of our product Stateside very soon as a consequence of the trip. The fun we had meeting new people was made all the better, by proving hugely productive to boot. For those of you reading this in America, watch this space, as we hope to be able to announce a new American Misty Cove Wines distributor very shortly, making our wines available in more States across the U.S. As we say here in New Zealand â€“ you beaut.

In addition to the exciting developments we are experiencing in the U.S. - we continue to grow in Eurpoe as well. With that said, we are hugely excited to announce our new Swedish distribution partner, Enjoy Wine & Spirits, who are focusing solely on the Swedish market. They bring over 25 years experience are massively passionate and align completely with our company ethos. We are proud to have them as a part of the Misty Cove family. Visit these guys here to discover more.