News - 08,Jul,2015

Vineyard Profiles


Marlborough is located on the north eastern corner of the South Island of New Zealand, and is one of the sunniest and driest regions of New Zealand. We have a fantastic number of sunshine hours per year, however our climate is relatively cool, with an average daily temperature during summer of 24°C with clear cool evenings. The large temperature fluctuation between day and night creates a slow and flavour-intensifying ripening period, allowing our fruit to retain a fresh and vibrant acidity.

Misty Cove’s fruit is sourced from strategically positioned sites in the Wairau Valley, Rapaura and the Omaka Valley regions - reknowned for exceptional vines. Our particular focus is on sub-regional differences to give us the best blending possibilities. What does all of this mean? In short; we take the best environmental ingredients availible, and utilise them to make some very special wines. 

Township Vineyard 
Established 2008

Deep in the Wairau Valley, our unique 32 ha vineyard has been converted into vines from a fully operational deer farm. This site is predominately planted in Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. The vineyard is split into 2 terraces; the upper terrace, consisting of 18 ha of rich clay soil contents, while the lower terrace is made up of river stones, gravel and loamy soil. The differing soil types create wonderful blending possibilities, and delivers very pungent and classic Marlborough fruit. The upper 18 ha is certified BioGro organic & the lower 14 ha is currently under organic conversion status.

Rapuara Vineyard
Established 1986

This vineyard is situated in what is regarded as the “Golden Mile of Marlborough”, internationally renowned as the best in Marlborough for consistent production of fine fruit and intense characteristics. The soils comprise of old river bed, silt and clay loam which are naturally shallow, fast draining and low in fertility, helping reduce vine vigour and in turn producing intensely flavored fruit and great strcuture in our wines.


Kaituna Vineyard
Established 2004

Located on the north bank of the Wairau River at Kaituna, this 6.2ha block has a unique micro climate, which is generally wetter and warmer than our Rapuara Vineyard. The soil composition is Stony alluvium with a clay sub-layer which is perfect for the early ripening Pinot Noir (4.1ha) where as our Sauvignon Blanc (2.1ha) ripens mid season. Considerably different flavours and aromas offer unique blending components and another layer of complexity to our wines.


Onamalutu Vineyard
To be established in 2016

This block located at the beginning of the beautiful Onamalutu Valley is being developed for ultra premium Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc production and will be the Single Vineyard home to our Signature range in years to come. A high quartz mineral and stony alluvium content in its soils is well suited to bringing out the best in Sauvignon Blanc and the terraced rows along the hill sides will offer some very unique flavor profiles.

"we take the best environmental ingredients available, and utilise them to make some very special wines"

Waitaria Bay Vineyard
Established 2004

Our Waitaria Bay vineyard in the Marlborough Sounds is one of the most isolated places in New Zealand. It’s tucked into the narrow and windy Kenepuru Road, which is only 90km from our winery, however it is a drive of approximately 2.25 hours. Upon arrival, an immediate appreciation of it’s isolation and stunning scenery conveys just how magical this place truly is.

Planted within a stones throw of the sea, the 5ha vineyard is planted in Chardonnay, Gewurtraminer, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc - all farmed 100% Organically and is BioGro NZ certified. It’s very isolation and unique climate protects it from wind blown diseases, resulting in minimal spraying and the climatic effect of the surrounding sea and high hills - all but eliminating the early spring frosts.

Central Otago

Central Otago is the most southerly wine producing region in the world and a high altitude area perfect for viticulture. Often subject to cold winters, hot dry summers (30°C) and a huge night-to-day temperature range. It is also the only location in New Zealand that experiences a true continental climate. The cold winters (-6°C) and limited rainfall (300-350mm) helps reduce disease and pest control while the extremely warm summer, enables good canopy development. The long autumns have warm days and cool nights which pave the way for slow and complex phenolic and flavour development during the ripening period.

Scott Vineyard
Established 2008

Situated above the Cromwell Township, this vineyard is the highest (320 metres above sea level), and coolest of all of our vineyards and is renowned for a much longer growing season. The stony silt loams with schist and alluvium parent materials develop intense fruit character and our wines are defined by elegance and finess that comes from a longer ripening period.