Chardonnay 2016

Our Signature wines are deeply influenced by old world wine making techniques, lovingly handcrafted in small batch quantities, we craft these wines to reflect the “Signature” – the attributes and characteristics of the vineyard from which they originate.  

The nose is fresh, elegant with clean and tightly bound white stone-fruit aromas along with lemon-curd and butterscotch MLF notes in a nutty, citrusy amalgam. The mouth-feel is soft in texture with fresh, lively acidity underlining the fruit. The partial wild fermentation shows good character on the nose and palate with the subtle yet creamy oak

texture balancing the crisp acid leading the wine into a tight, moderately long finish. This is a tightly held Chardonnay with citrus and butterscotch flavours and a fresh, subtly creamy mouth-feel. Simply Stunning! 


Tasting Notes

The bouquet from this stunning vintage displays luscious aromas of melon, white peach and nectarine, while the complexity of new french oak adds texture and spice, opening out to an elegant well-balanced palate with a lingering an classical finish. A wonderful and delicious Signature Marlborough Chardonnay worthy of any setting.