About us

You can talk about wine, but wine is better to be talked around - in the company of good friends, family and perhaps the odd stranger. That's why we say: "Wine for good times," because we believe that Misty Cove Wines is more than a product - it is a story. And the best place to tell great stories is around great wine. Thankfully, we are bloody phenomenal at giving you both.

The Boss

"For me my favourite aspect of wine is sitting down with friends and enjoying a glass and a bit of a laugh. Having a great meal together and sharing stories. That's what wine's all about - it brings people together." - Andrew Bailey (Founder, CEO).

We call him Mr Misty Cove but his real name’s Andrew Bailey. The Misty Cove label is the hard graft of this hard case South Islander. In creating Misty Cove Wines, Bailey set out to produce incredible wines and a culture of NZ winemaking free from the tyranny of snobbery. From the wine making and vineyard work, to sales and marketing, Andrew’s not interested in bourgeois BS when it comes to making great wine.

The Hustle

Fellow cricketer, Mister Jarrod "Jazz" Englefield has been a big part of the Misty Cove journey ever since he lost a bet to Andrew at a bar in Amsterdam. Ten or so years later, you'll no doubt find Jarrod wondering how he got hustled into selling wine for a living. Turns out, he has a gift. Mister Englefield is one of the greatest hustlers that the gods of wine ever created.

The Makers

Our sublimely talented team of winemakers - Nicky Parish and Emmanuel "Manu" Bolliger are the real deal. Nicky hails from Auckland via North Canterbury, and Emmanuel from South Africa via France. Safe to say, they walk the talk. And when they do walk into a pub - the music stops, heads bow, and the crowd parts like the Red Sea. True rockstars!

The Bones

His name is Tim May - but we call him 'the money', the 'lizard', the 'bones' of the business.. the fella who pays the big mofo bills. You cannot mess with the best when it comes to smashing some serious cheddar across a spreadsheet. If it weren't for this fella, we'd probably have to give up our Gucci flip flops, Louis Vuitton Luxury Trunks and Summer's in Ibiza. Thanks Tim.

The Jack

We call Amy 'the Jack of all things' for a darn good reason. She is our very own trained chef and creator of Misty Indulge (the one and only fine dining experience), she's also our Fareham Lane events manager, and when she finds a spare moment, Amy is Misty Cove's full-time admin ninja at our CBD office. If you ever need a reason to feel totally inadequate, you need only take a glance at Amy's daily schedule and CV. Before running her own fashion label (as a single parent), Amy was a fully trained winemaker and managed bars and restaurants in Wellington. Phew! We need a rest now!

Our Philosophy

1. Stay Rogue

2. Don't f**k it up

3. Wine is to be enjoyed and not talked about

4. But make wine that everyone wants to talk about

5. Love music

6. Hug the haters (they need a cuddle)

7. Buy art, not followers

8. Read everything, make up your own mind

9. Travel more

10. Don't be a dick

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