The Alternative Pack

You are an original – we know! You are a totally adventurous individual, who loves travel and breaking rules.

So we have created two very unique Sauvignon Blanc wines just for The Alternative Pack. From land to sea, our BDX is a taste of Boudreaux grown in our lower Wairau vineyards, and the Kekerengu is a bone dry SauvyB from our southernmost vineyard above the rugged Kekerengu coastline.

If you are a SauvyB fan with a rebellious spirit, then you are going to flip out on the The Alternative Pack.


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What's Inside...


One to push boundaries we decided to make a wine only from the French clones and called it exactly what it is. You see, a good chunk of Marlborough's success has been driven by a single Sauvignon Blanc clone called MS or 'Mass Selection'. However, since the 1990s new clones (316 & 317) were brought in from the famous Bordeaux to help provide more bang to our SauvyB. What you get from us is a wine lovers dream and a nod to Marlborough's winemaking legacy.


Melancholy like an 1980s post-punk band from Manchester, our southernmost vineyard sits proud above the rugged Kekerengu coastline and overlooks the vast Pacific Ocean from which it is deeply influenced. A challenging environment that is a narrow stretch between sea and mountain, “Kekerengu” expresses a unique and intense interpretation of a Marlborough SauvyB.

Like cold water surf for the senses.

Expert Opinions

BDX 316 & 317

95 Points (5 Stars)

"This is a stylish rendition with nectarine, fresh fig, sweet basil and lemon zest aromas with a hint of oatmeal complexity. The wonderfully weighted palate delivers excellent concentration and richly textured mouthfeel, brilliantly structured by bright acidity, finishing long and engaging. At its best: now to 2028."

Sam Kim, Wine Orbit

Kekerengu 2021

95 Points (5 Stars)

"It’s beautifully aromatic on the nose showing Granny Smith apple, jalapeno, rockmelon and kaffir lime notes, leading to a brilliantly punchy palate that’s juicy and lingering. Filled with delicious flavours and super long on the finish. At its best: now to 2025."

Sam Kim, Wine Orbit

Oh You Pretty Thing

All our double gift packs come snug inside this very pretty signature Misty Cove Wines heavy duty cardboard case, with a super handy handle for easy transportation. You are gonna look so cool while others battle with bows and bags. And the best thing is: you can reuse it!