The Bliss Pack

Drink yourself more bliss
Forget about the last one...
Get yourself another

Named after one of our favourite kiwi tunes of all time by Th' Dudes - the 'Bliss' Pack' is all for people who love flavour, pleasure and a little indulgence. Our Grüner is a pretty floral wine while the Rosé is very peaches and cream – perfect for a Summer night with some great music, and magical vibes.

You get our celebrated Landmark Series Rosé and our award winning, Austrian style Landmark Series Grüner Veltliner - a total libertine.

Perfect for a Summer night, with the doors flung open and good music dissolving all boundaries between you and what's in your glass. Plan your playlist around this Gift Pack.


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What's Inside...

2021 Landmark Series Rosé

Imagine being slightly unhinged to the point of irresponsibility to go out of the way in order to create a reserve style Rosé from both red and white grape varietals. Well, we did it. Breaking the rules by creating a Mediterranean classic. The light colour and gorgeous summer fruits from our Landmark Series Rosé is an elegant rebel that is crisp and dry to the finish. Oozing with class and dripping with strawberries and cream this is a wine that should be on everyone's bucket list. It's just hands down the best Rosé going right now.

2021 Landmark Series Grüner Veltliner

Native to Austria just like Arnold Schwarzenegger, our Grüner Veltliner has been turning heads since we came up with the crazy idea to produce this varietal in NZ. And just like Arnie and his pronounciation of 'California', you're gonna need help saying this one: 'GREW-ner Velt-LEEN-er'. Okay? 'We'll be back' with this one (sorry about that last bit)!

Expert Opinion

2021 Landmark Series Rosé

93 Points (5 Stars)

"Classic strawberries and cream aromas with hints of orange peel, nectarine, and blossom on the nose. It’s juicy, refreshing and lingering with excellent fruit intensity backed by bright acidity, offering fabulous drinking. At its best: now to 2023."

Sam Kim, Wine Orbit

2021 Landmark Series Grüner Veltliner

94 Points (5 Stars)

"It’s gorgeously ripe and perfumed on the nose showing apricot, rockmelon, citrus peel and subtle spice notes, followed by a succulent palate delivering excellent fruit intensity and persistency. Generously textured and brilliantly structured with plenty of tasty flavours. At its best: now to 2024."

Sam Kim, Wine Orbit

Oh You Pretty Thing

All our double gift packs come snug inside this very pretty signature Misty Cove Wines heavy duty cardboard case, with a super handy handle for easy transportation. You are gonna look so cool while others battle with bows and bags. And the best thing is: you can reuse it!