Meet our Internationals Part 1: Dinos Konis from Bottles & Bottles in Cyprus

Dinos Konis at his store Bottles & Bottles in Limassol Cyprus.

Call it a shout out to our international people – the ones that work the magic behind the scenes selling Misty Cove overseas. Or we could call it like it is: our travel cravings to glamourous locations across the globe. Either way, it’s time to share some love around by talking to the people in faraway locations who stock, sell, hustle our product.

This week we talk to Dinos Konis in sunny, drop dead gorgeous Cyprus at ‘Bottles & Bottles’.

For those you don’t know, Cyprus is an island country in the eastern Mediterranean Sea south of the Anatolian Peninsula. It is the third-largest and third-most populous island in the Mediterranean, and is located south of Turkey, west of Syria, northwest of Lebanon, Israel, and the Gaza Strip (Palestine), north of Egypt, and southeast of Greece.

Cyprus is pretty much smack bang right in the centre of some of the most historically significant parts of the world, and the country has had a long long history of wine trading going back to 2300 BC (that’s around 4300 years ago).

We talked to Dinos about what he does and asked him to send some epic photos of him, his team and our wines hanging out in the this beautiful part of the world.

Over to you Dinos…

What’s your name, who are you, where are you located and what do you do?


I am Dinos Konis, and Cyprus is where I’m from. I’m located in Limassol and own “Bottles & Bottles” which is an innovative and dynamic import, brand building and distribution company, servicing all sectors of our market. We also have our own retail stores, located in Limassol and Nicosia.


Dinos and the team at Bottles & Bottles

Why in your opinion do people like New Zealand wine?


New Zealand Sauvignon is popular as it's such an easy wine to understand and is so consistent. Its price/quality point makes it very accessible to almost every type of consumer. People take great comfort in knowing what they are going to get with its refreshing character, vibrancy, and well defined flavours.


What type of customer enjoys Misty Cove and which of our wines are the most popular?


Misty Cove runs well for us in Horeca (on premise - such as restaurants and bars), especially by the glass as it can pair with a wide range of cuisine, from fresh salads through to a range of grilled meats. Regarding retail, our Mediterranean climate, especially hot summers suit Sauvignon Blanc, so Misty Cove Estate Sauvignon Blanc is our big runner and most popular wine as consumers also enjoy it at home. We do however carry the whole range of Misty Cove wines.


Some of our Misty product on the shelf at Bottles & Bottles.

What wine trends are you seeing in your market right now?

Besides locals we have a strong multi-cultural community based here in Cyprus, so we service the market with fine wines from all around the world. We specialise in the top end of the market and exclusivity represent in Cyprus, well known international brands, so offer the best wines, from the best producers (world-wide). 


One of the most important trends we are seeing, is that wine, is fast becoming the choice of beverage for the younger consumer. Our market loves wine, and we love wine, so as long as it’s top notch then we’ll import it and bring it to the people of Cyprus. For example, we started off importing Misty Cove Sauvignon Blanc, but now carry most of their range, which includes educating the market about New Zealand Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Gris, Gruner Veltliner, Riesling, blends and Pinot Noir, for example, which are all amazing in their own style.

Our Landmark Series Chardonnay, just hanging on a beach in Cyprus. We wanna go please!

What do you see for the future of New Zealand wine in your market & why?


New Zealand wine has built a strong name for itself, and has been attracting more and more consumers to it in the last few years. It is worth noting that more and more people are taking interest in other grape varieties, such as Pinot Gris and not just Sauvignon Blanc. We have approximately 1.2 million people living in Cyprus, so as long as the kiwis’ keep making great wine then the future is bright. Per capita, Cyprus is arguably the most important global market for New Zealand wine, so pay attention as we appreciate quality wine!!

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